Scott Morrison

Wealhouse Capital Management

Scott Morrison, CFA is a Bay Street veteran with over 25 years of asset management experience. Prior to founding Wealhouse as the chief investment officer, Mr. Morrison researched and managed portfolios for notable firms such as Mackenzie Investments, CI Funds, and Investors Group. A keen supporter of philanthropy, Mr. Morrison generously volunteers his time advising various charities and non-profits such as the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).



Panorama Fund strives to maximize capital appreciation by investing only in securities that we believe offer above-average returns on a risk-adjusted basis. The fund employs a variety of strategies including investments in equity, bonds, currencies, commodities, and publicly traded real estate. The fund also makes prudent use of derivatives to generate yield and enhance or protect our positions.

As Wealhouse Capital’s flagship fund, Panorama takes advantage of market inefficiencies across different geographies, industries, market capitalizations and asset classes to build a balanced portfolio. We actively analyse different risk factors in the markets to better diversify and safeguard our clients’ capital.

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