Justin Anis

Wealhouse Capital Management

Justin Anis, CFA is the portfolio manager of Lions Bay Fund, a North American equity strategy, for which he won the BarclayHedge Top 10 Monthly Performance Award in August 2019. After starting his career with Wealhouse Capital in 2008, Mr. Anis managed portfolios for SW8 Asset Management and a family office in Oakville, ON before rejoining Wealhouse in 2016. Mr. Anis has been a CFA charterholder since 2012.

Lions Bay

Lions Bay

The Lions Bay Fund is an award-winning North American focused equity fund. We strive to generate superior risk-adjusted returns through three principal strategies: a core portfolio of long term investments in high-quality companies, a transactional portfolio that allows us to generate returns through tactical trading strategies, and a hedging portfolio, which employs a disciplined risk management strategy that aims to protect our investors from market declines. Through these three strategies, working in conjunction, we look to provide our investors with equity-like returns that have significantly lower volatility than broader equity markets.

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