Wealhouse Real Estate Fund

Since 2017, Wealhouse has been a leading investor in institutional-grade real estate assets throughout North America. Our portfolio includes commercial, office, retail, and multi-family assets.

Following the strict criteria of Wealhouse’s proprietary investment check list, we partner with industry leaders to pinpoint overlooked opportunities with the objective of generating sustainable returns. Whether the strategy is new development, infrastructure, or value-add, the Wealhouse Real Estate Fund is committed to minimizing geographical risk while optimizing cashflow-generation.

$275+ million USD

deployed since inception*

*Inception October 2017


units under ownership


population growth in areas where our assets are located

All Wealhouse real estate investments go through the same rigorous qualifying process as our equity and fixed income investments, using our extensive checklist of criteria. Illustrated by the following multi-family use cases, according to Berkadia, the states where our assets are located have seen an average annual population growth of ~1.6% and annual rental growth of ~1%. In recent years, companies such as Amazon, Silicon Valley Bank, and Infosys have set up operations and accelerators in these areas. Through research, we make sure conditions such as geographical tailwind, value growth, and increase in cash flow are met before we invest.

About the Manager

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison, CFA
Founder & CIO

Scott Morrison, CFA is a Bay Street veteran with over 25 years of asset management experience. Prior to founding Wealhouse as the chief investment officer, Mr. Morrison researched and managed portfolios for notable firms such as Mackenzie Investments, CI Funds, and Investors Group. A keen supporter of philanthropy, Mr. Morrison generously volunteers his time advising various charities and non-profits such as the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).