Voyager Fund aims to maximize returns by uncovering and investing in small- and mid-cap companies that offer above-average returns on a risk-adjusted basis. The fund holds long positions only and buys/sells securities across numerous industries and geographies. Derivatives may also be used to enhance income or to increase exposure on individual holdings.

Monthly Returns*


*Class 52 Series

Global Quality Overlooked Value

During the historical bull run over the past decade, share prices became more expensive than ever. With more concentration of wealth going to passive money management, there are less asset managers chasing fewer stocks. At Wealhouse, we believe now is the right time to identify hidden value and take advantage of what investors are overlooking: small- and mid-cap companies with economical share prices and strong growth potential.

Like a small boat in a fast-changing current, smaller entrepreneurial companies can navigate faster with more agility and precision than the ocean liners of the large-cap names. Voyager Fund combs through markets near and abroad to seek out these small- and mid-cap gems, while staying true to the Wealhouse fundamental ethos of maximizing value: investing only in proven business models of growing earnings and free cash flow, potential to grow dividends and strong balance sheets

“…a stock that is in a ‘hot’ industry, or fits neatly into an index, may trade at greater than intrinsic value because of these non-company related influences. On the opposite end of the spectrum, smaller companies or those that do not neatly fit into indices may trade at a significant discount to fair market value. This has been compounded by the reduction of investment research caused by changes to global securities regulation, which in turn has impacted brokerage firms’ ability to provide research in exchange for commissions. As a result, substantial coverage for smaller companies has been reduced or dropped altogether. Despite this, the underlying businesses are often doing well; this has led in some cases to excellent value purchases in the stock market, compared with what might be considered fair market value.”

– Bruce Flatt, Brookfield Asset Management

About the Manager

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison, CFA
Founder & CIO

Scott Morrison, CFA is a Bay Street veteran with over 25 years of asset management experience. Prior to founding Wealhouse as the chief investment officer, Mr. Morrison researched and managed portfolios for notable firms such as Mackenzie Investments, CI Funds, and Investors Group. A keen supporter of philanthropy, Mr. Morrison generously volunteers his time advising various charities and non-profits such as the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).