About Us

While our results speak for themselves, we’d like to tell you a bit more about who we are and how we came to be one of Canada’s most dynamic wealth managers.

We don’t aim to be the biggest asset manager, we aim to be the best.

Wealhouse Capital Management was established in 2008 as an independent, privately owned alternative asset manager. Our goal is to provide award-winning investment strategies to ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and advisors. Today, our highly experienced and versatile team manages more than a billion in assets for Canada’s wealthiest families and entrepreneurs.

We believe business is personal, and we treat your money exactly the same way we treat ours — in fact, all of our employees are invested in our funds. Wealhouse isn’t about any one manager or person. Our success is built on a healthy combination of individuality and collaboration, backed by a rigorous approach to methodology and process.

We are investment generalists, tuned to find value and opportunities as they arise. We are constantly learning and evolving our strategies in order to take advantage of the changes the markets inevitably go through. We anticipate these shifts so we can mitigate risk, identify opportunity and protect your capital.

To that end, we are not wedded to any particular thesis, industries, sectors or geographies. We seek opportunities wherever they may be and — being a small and nimble organization — we pounce on them, often before anyone else. While market volatility can crush our competitors, we embrace it — because we see changes coming and are equipped to take full advantage. Change is inevitable, and it’s our mission to make it work for you.

Our Team

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We are one community. Our team members are active supporters in their communities and work hard to make a positive impact.