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Weal (noun) from the Old English Wela
Prosperity, wealth, health and happiness.

Established in the summer of 2008, Wealhouse Capital Management is an independent, privately-owned investment management firm focused on maximizing capital appreciation for our clients. 

Our investment philosophy is based on a fundamental, bottom-up approach. We believe superior investment performance can only be achieved through proprietary research. We comb the globe for businesses with great long-term growth potential in earnings and free cash flow. We look for companies with proven business models, strong balance sheets, above-market profitability and best-in-class management teams.

Investment Ethos

Preserve and create long term wealth

We value your trust, so we invest your capital alongside our families’ and our own. We spend most of our time doing homework so we can accurately assess risks versus opportunities. Our unwavering dedication to our investment philosophy allows us to identify quality assets with attractive value and growth potential.

Always focused on executing our process

In his book How Champions Think, Dr. Bob Rotella wrote “Exceptional people immerse themselves in process goals. They care about how well they follow their chosen process everyday.” We strive to be exceptional. All of our investments are put through a checklist that is part of a clear, methodical process.

Practice smart portfolio construction

We believe prudent asset allocation is vital to achieving long-term returns. We continuously refine our portfolios’ construction to better balance between upside and downside risks against our view of an asset’s intrinsic value.

Predicting the future is very difficult

We love a good game. Thus, we always remember the famous saying “offence wins games, defence wins championships”. We plan for uncertainty and our tools are set up for optimized investment diversification, which primes us to navigate through market volatility.

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Press & News

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Andrew Labbad, CFA, joins Wealhouse Capital Management as Senior Portfolio Manager for the firm's upcoming alternative yield fund.

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